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100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef

We Have Fresh, Frozen Beef in Stock!

Vacuum Sealed for Maximum Freshness

Processed, Cut and Packed at an Inspected Facility 

Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free

Raised with Regenerative Farming Practices


Steaks (2/pack, 11 - 16oz each)

T-Bone - $18/pack 

Porterhouse - $19/pack

Cross Rib - $17/pack

Prime Rib - $20/pack

Sirloin - $17/pack 

Tenderloin - $22/pack (4.5oz each)

Roasts (3-4 lbs)

Sirloin Tip - $32

Baron (Top Sirloin) - $32

Chuck - $32

Rump - $32

Brisket - $55

Prime Rib - $32


Ground Beef (1.5 lbs / pack) - $8/lb

Short Ribs (1.5 lbs / pack) - $10/lb

Soup Bones - $5/lb

Offals (Liver, Kidneys, Tongue, etc.) - $4/lb

We currently accept orders via email. Please indicate which products you would like and how much of each. We will reply asap with your invoice and discuss pickup or delivery options.

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