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Weanling/Yearling Bootcamp

We offer a training program for your weanlings and yearlings in order to help them become proper equine citizens. You can send your youngster to us for 30 or 60 days and during that time they will get halter broke, learn to stand tied quietly, get real good with their feet being handled, get comfortable with being in a barn and stall, and they will learn to self load on a trailer. Bootcamp alumni can come back as two or three year old's to get started under saddle at a 20% discount. 

The cost for this is $525.00/month.

Our facility includes a well lit, well maintained and safe barn. Colts learning to contentedly exist for limited periods of time, on their own, in a stall is a great learning experience that helps develop an easy to manage horse down the road regardless of environment. 

10' x 10' wood lined stalls are cleaned daily and quality hay and water is included. Additional supplements specific to your horse are to be provided by you.

Stall time is limited and is only used as one tool in developing the experience of the colts. Turnout is daily. 

Weanlings are worked with in the round pen to gain an understanding of giving to halter pressure before they are ever tied. Here these weanlings are standing tied calmly and confidently.

This yearling is leading calmly and confidently on a loose lead having learned to follow the feel of the lead rope and pay attention to the handler.

Contact us today to book a spot for you youngster!

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