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Grass Fed Beef​

Vibrant grasslands are a critical component in maintaining a healthy environment for generations to come. Grazing livestock on grass is an essential part of ensuring the health and continued growth of grasslands. The cool part is that the process of grazing, creates rich, healthy soil which stimulates grass growth which in turn helps the environment and ensures a renewable food source for cattle. Cattle then, convert grass into an edible and delicious source of protein for human consumption.

- The environment relies on healthy grasslands

- Grass relies on fertile soil

- The process of grazing creates fertile soil

- Cattle eat the grass and convert it into beef all while adding nutrients to the soil

- The nutrient rich soil then promotes richer, thicker grass growth

- and the cycle goes on and on... 

Buying your beef from a local producer who raises cattle on grass is a very real and cost effective way for you to not only know exactly what is in your food, but also to contribute to the long term health of the planet and enjoy a nutrient packed food product that is delicious and good for you!


Round Roast

Seasoned and ready for the smoker!

T-Bone Steak

Ground Beef

 We sell beef by the whole or half and then you chose your cuts. You can expect approximately 280 - 320lbs of edible beef from a whole animal. If you do not have the space for that much beef at one time you can purchase individual cuts that are already packaged and frozen. Click on the links below to order and to see exactly what we have available.

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